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About Us

Seven siblings from a rural Nebraska farm family decided to pool resources, creativity, experiences, and “can-do attitudes” to form a new business venture providing healthy grain based snacks and salad toppings to the rest of the world.  We feel that WheatBursts™ snacks and salad toppers can help provide healthier and unique options for people of all ages to enjoy whole grains as simple snacks and to provide interesting texture and flavors to salads.

At Monument Foods we are dedicated to providing the safest products possible.  Unlike most large conventional food processors, we use 100% visual inspection on all our products from start to final packaging to assure ourselves and our customers that products are the best quality available.

We start with fresh high quality grain - both conventional and organic.  In the case of Kamut and Spelt, we use organic grain, as we have found those suppliers to give us the best product available on the market.  Our wheat variety is specially chosen and grown on our family farm in southwestern Nebraska.  We clean the wheat ourselves and control the storage and transportation of these products-until they are packaged and shipped direct to you!

Our products are made using natural ingredients, without preservatives, without any artificial flavors or colors.  We have developed a special process for our WheatBursts™ to keep the fat and sodium content low, it takes a little more time and effort, but we feel it is worth it!  The grains are cooked and roasted in small batches, adjusting for the different types of grain we use.  Our entire operation is in a historic building (the former creamery) in the small town of Eustis, Nebraska, population 397!

Who are the people behind Monument Foods?


Career Farm Wife with extensive knowledge of Nebraska crops and agriculture practices.   Expert in antique quilts and children’s character handkerchiefs, and expert at keeping us all in line and reminding us who we are-a family first!  She and her immediate family own and operate a very successful wheat farm and grow our special wheat!


Office Manager Hall of Famer (if they had one) with extensive experience in organizing projects and people. Expert at Scrabble and other word games (and correcting grammatical and spelling errors) and she also bakes the World’s Best light rolls!


Always “there when you need him”, with extensive experience in handling all things related to insurance, risk, and covering all the bases. He overcame childhood polio, without letting it affect himself or others. He provides a role model for handling and operating a business efficiently.


Professional “multi-tasker” and expert at Public Relations and networking. With experience in big city police management and all types of business and recreational automotive opportunities, she paves the way and drives our business forward within a dynamic rural community. Expert hooker (of wool rugs) and operator of anything mechanical as well as biscotti baker extraordinaire!


With over 30 years experience at equipment development and maintenance, if he can’t fix it, he can build a better one. Known as the Great White Hunter and more recently, the family entrepreneur with his new insulation and roofing business-he is the one nudging the rest of us along on this venture!


Over 25 years of product development experience channeled to be the Creative Force for Research and Development of the actual process and flavor of WheatBursts™. Expert at finding deals on equipment, functional ingredients, and turning food ideas into edible realities with a healthier spin!


With extensive experience in development of computer programs to record and interpret data, offers viable IT solutions and creative designs to put WheatBursts™ brand out in the market beyond central Nebraska. Expert wood carver, smoker of meats, and master gardener!

These are the direct owners of Monument Foods, but we also rely on the help and influences of many spouses, children, and grandchildren, neighbors, and friends to keep things moving in the right direction!